Deer Creek Vineyards

Deer Creek Vineyards produces award-winning, premium handcrafted wines. Deer Creek Vineyards has received multiple medals for their 2010 & 2011 Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Merlot from some of the most prestigious wine competitions, such as the S.F. Chronicle, the American Wine Society and the International Finger Lakes Wine Competitions.


Deer Creek Vineyards wines are balanced wines that are earnest expressions of both the grape and the land from which it comes.


Deer Creek Vineyards takes great pride in creating handcrafted wines that are healthy and free of dangerous additives and chemicals. Our wines are made with wild yeast versus cultured yeast. Wild (indigenous) yeast is the yeast that is found on the fruit, in the vineyard which truly reflects the land and the flavors that it comes from.


We let our grapes do the talking. Each one says, “Deer Creek, of Southern Oregon”. The one of the kind topography and gentle ocean breezes of the area, places a subtle imprint on each grape Deer Creek Vineyards grows. The flavors created are as distinctive as Deer Creek itself; Flavorful, Pure, Unexpected and Complex.


Exceptional wines aren’t made. They are grown. That’s why we craft our grapes into 3 distinct wines of distinct character. Each one made by hand from individual blocks to express the distinctive story of the land where they were grown.


This terroir style of wine growing is what truly sets Deer Creek Vineyards apart. Our passion and depth of experience in viticulture enables us to gently coax a spectrum of flavors from the grapes in the vineyard and utilize the wild (indigenous) yeast, which is on the fruit, in the vineyard, and in the winery. This ensured approach to grape growing safeguards that far less work will be required at the winemaking stage.


So, how’s it taste? Fair question. We’ll tell you that the cooler climate of the Illinois Valley and our wine growing philosophy yield higher acidity levels, great brix levels and brighter fruits. After aging for months, the annual cases we produce, exhibits exceptional balance and clarity, which pairs impeccably with food or just as a sipper.


We invite you to raise a glass of Deer Creek’s wine with family and friends, try it for yourself, and let us know what you think. We’re certain it will speak to you.


Tasting Room Hours:
11 am-5 pm Daily Spring/Summer/Fall
11 am-5 pm F-Sun Winter


Tasting Fee: $0

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